I’ve been thinking about the TFiOS movie

I haven’t seen Shailene Woodley in anything, so I shant judge until I have seen her play Hazel. I just don’t want the movie to become huge, it would be nice for it to be a little indie film that had a good reception from anyone who happened to see it. But of course, it wont. They’ll make a big fuss about it. I’m already seeing it happen. Big supermarkets are selling the paperback for almost no money at all (to encourage people to pick it up, and read it), and John was on TV being interviewed about the book straight after announcing who is to play Hazel. John talked about the book, a book that had been out for over a year. Why is this? To create hype, to convince as many people as possible to read TFiOS, fall in love with Hazel and Augustus and then to eventually pay money to see the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for people reading TFiOS, it’s an amazing book. But I just worry that it’ll stop feeling as special as it does when every  teenager and their Nan has read it.

It’s like what John said at TFiOS live in Swindon (which was awesome, by the way): “When a book becomes a movie, the characters stop being yours”. He commented on not being able to read the Harry Potter books ever again without his imagination being tainted by the movies. He’s right, I don’t want anyone to be Hazel or Augustus, because Hazel and Augustus are Hazel and Augustus. (Did I just use “Hazel and Augustus” three times in one sentence? Huh)

But Josh, look on the bright side: Imagine all the Nerdfighter gatherings that will happen on opening night. That alone is a very exciting thought.

In addition, the film might actually be very good. So good in fact, that I recommend it to a friend, just as I did with the book. So yeah.


I just don’t want my characters taken away from me.


(Also, I’m glad they aren’t making a Looking for Alaska movie. Because my brain Colonel is perfect, and you’ll never cast anyone as good.

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